Notes from December Meeting of the OSLN

On Monday, December 4th, 2017 we had our first meeting on the Oakland Summer Learning Network (OSLN) for this school year. We opted to cancel the October meeting due to a number of key staff transitions at OUSD, so we had a packed agenda. You can find the full agenda and all the relevant links online, but here’s a high level summary:

  • Welcome and Introductions
    • We took time to get to know everyone in the room as we had some new participants.
    • We also got to know our new meeting facilitator, Bennie Patterson. Bennie comes to us from Brothers on the Rise. He’s the facilitator of the Oakland Youth Ally Alliance (OYAA). Like the OSLN, the OYAA seeks to foster collaboration and support the work of Expanded Learning professionals in our city. It’s great to have the opportunity to coordinate our efforts with OYAA and the Oakland Literacy Coalition (OLC), which is another key member organization.
  • OSLN Committee Updates
    • We heard updates from all three of our previous committees (Data Management, Continuous Quality Improvement, and Marketing and Communications). These committees have all completed the tasks they set out to do, but there is more they could do, and we wanted to have a thoughtful and strategic approach to making those decisions, so we conducted a community assessment to guide our planning.
  • Network Member Roles and Opportunities
    • Before diving into our strategic planning, we paused to recognize the individual and organizational needs of the OSLN members with an activity called Give and Gets. You can find the notes from this activity here, but we asked members to reflect on the following:
      • Gives: What can I give to contribute to help this effort succeed?
      • Gets: What do I need to get to make this effort worth my time?
  • Annual Assessment
    • We then dove into our community assessment. This tool comes from our partners at the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA). In communities all over the country, networks and collaborative like ours are assessing the health of their collaboration with this tool. The data from this self-assessment will inform our strategic plan. We’ll begin work on the plan at our next meeting, February 4th, 2018, but you can read the assessment results here.
  • Member Updates and Close

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