Notes from February Meeting of the OSLN

On Thursday, February 15th, 2018 we had our second meeting of the Oakland Summer Learning Network (OSLN) for this school year. In the December meeting we conducted a community-wide self-assessment of summer learning systems in Oakland. In the February meeting we reflected on this data and formed several committees. You can find the full agenda and all the relevant links online, but here’s a high level summary:

  • Welcome and Introductions
    • We took time to get to know everyone in the room as we had some new participants.
  • Community Indicators Self-Assessment – Results & Reflection
  • OSLN Action Brainstorming
    • We identified a number of potential goals and ideas for improvement.
  • OSLN Committee Self-Organizing
    • We self-selected activities that were important to network members, viable in the next 18 months, and within our sphere of influence.
    • Four committees were formed:
      • Shared Vision and Citywide Coordination
      • Data Management System
      • Continuous Quality Improvement
      • Sustainable Resources
  • Member Updates and Close
    • We closed our meeting with member updates and announcements, a participant evaluation, and a reminder to attend the next meeting in March.
    • Member Updates:
      • Oakland Fund for Children and Youth (OFCY) will be holding three community brainstorm meetings. RSVP today.
      • The Youth Opportunity Scholarships (YOS) program provides funding to Bay Area middle school students to pursue inspiring extracurricular enrichment activities. Our goal is to provide opportunities for youth to pursue a passion of their choosing beyond the classroom. Learn more at
      • Katie Brackenridge is transitioning from her role as Vice President of Programs at Partnership for Children and Youth (PCY) after 14 years of service. She’ll be joining the consulting community and serving as PCY’s SEL Advisor. Nazaneen Khalilnaji-Otto will absorb a number of Katie’s responsibilities as the Senior Director of Programs.
      • After School and Summer Learning Program providers should register their program information as soon as possible on
      • The OSLN now has four active committees. For an overview of previous committee activities, visit our about page. Committee meetings will be supported by Daren and/or Bennie and can use the following zoom link to meet remotely:

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