Notes from March Meeting of the OSLN

On Thursday, March 8th, 2018 we had our third meeting of the Oakland Summer Learning Network (OSLN) for this school year. In the February meeting we reflected on the results of our community assessment, identified a number of potential goals and ideas for improvement, and then self-selected activities that were important to network members, viable in the next 18 months, and within our sphere of influence.

You can find the full agenda and all the relevant links online, but here’s a high level summary:

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Historical Review of OSLN
  • OSLN Action Plan Presentation (Shared Vision & Citywide Coordination Committee)
  • Committee Work Time
    • Purpose: Have an opportunity to support the mission of the OSLN
      • Goal Development (SMART), Who’s Missing & Recruitment
      • Action Plan
      • Schedule Next Meeting (if not done already)
  • Committee Report Out
  • Member Updates and Close
    • We closed our meeting with member updates and announcements, a participant evaluation.
    • Member Updates:
      • Rod from Inplay has contacted Family Liaisons at OUSD to do a presentation about how they can better connect families to programs. He’ll be sharing about the online resource guide hosted on, but he would also invite Lead Agencies to share any other recruitment specifics. They have offered to let us present March 27th, 12:30-3:30pm for the Family Engagement Learning Institute (FELI). The FELI is a shared learning space (professional development) for OUSD family engagement practitioners who coordinate family engagement activities and programs at the school site. They meet 5 times per year. The liaisons could share OSLN information with their families. Contact Rod Hsiao at if you would like to support the presentation.
      • After School and Summer Learning Program providers should register their program information as soon as possible on
      • The OSLN now has four active committees. For an overview of previous committee activities, visit our about page. Committee meetings will be supported by Daren and/or Bennie and can use the following zoom link to meet remotely:
      • The Oakland Literacy Coalition team is growing! We are thrilled to be launching two positions that will bring exciting new talent and capacity to support our programs and network of partners. We encourage you to share these opportunities broadly.

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